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Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


This is a project to support young artists of traditional Art and photography on Steem.




After finishing the Macro Photography contest we are back to our magazine today. There is not much to tell but to remind you all that we are around and working daily on searching for Visual Art posts. Our today’s picks.


Now enjoy the Magazine




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Today's selected Artist


Watercolor Painting: Hot N Cold by @aishwarya




@aishwarya presented her watercolor portrait. When you work with watercolor you should not concentrate on natural colors but try to experiment and use unusual ones. The feature of watercolor due to transparency to give such gentle touch and transmit mystery. Nicely used the combination of colors.


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"Der wunderschönste Sonnenuntergang? The most beautiful sunset ever?" by @weitblicker




@weitblicker has taken us to beautiful fairy tale scenery of Phyrn-Priel mountains in Upper Austria. Beauty of evening sky with last sun rays and clouds absolutely a dream.


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"water" by @amaciunas




@amaciunas shows what we can achieve using the magic of water and beauty of a model.


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"Red Sea, Jordanian travel view" by @lightcaptured




@lightcaptured Captured the view while on boat sailing in Red Sea during the photo-travel to Jordan. Endless sea and such reflection on water surface.


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"Drawing of Kellin Quinn" by @wfrasunku




@wfrasunku nice drawing of Kellin Quinn. Like that portrait drawn in white on a dark background


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"Relaxing Outdoors Summer" by @leoplaw




@leoplaw with beautiful drawing of a beauty of nude model but also he used the time for practising. In order to keep our skills up we all have to regular practising that sometimes I really forget :)


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"Painting on pots" by


A1YR5edC.jpg needed to paint a little souvenir for his friend. White pot and necklace with lock with Oil paints. Lock at the painting and next to it the real necklace there is almost no difference :)


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"Pareidolia - Judge Death" by @piotrgrafik




@piotrgrafik with digital painting of Judge Death in time lapse. It is worse to see how the process of work is going and from mix of colours you starting to see the features of the character.


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"Obra: El Diablo está en el corazón" by @irenenavarroart




@irenenavarroart with here create of El Diablo está en el corazón-The Devil is in the heart.


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"Time lapse with The Mes Hall" by @zimernyc




@zimernyc shows how you can turn ordinary wall into the Art :)



Your contribution would greatly appreciated,Sincerely,

@stef1 and @myskye


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Ohhh wauuw some amazing shots and art-works! I particularly like the mountain sunset shot from @weitblicker!

Hi @steemingcurators and thank you for stopping. It is a time for us to restart our magazine with new strength just to be able to bring those creative people together.

I also love @weitblicker such summery views. Would be love to be able to visit such place, especially this time we have so little from summer, hope will be better next year :)

Thanks so much for the feature and the support! :)

Thank you very much Damian for stopping by and for your beautiful photography :)

Thank you so much :D

You are very welcome, you have such interesting creative personality, lovely post :)

These artists have such a very talented hands @art-venture
The figure drawings is really astonishing to look at. :D

I believe for those people it is like daily routine, it is good that they blooging it is due to this opportunity many other people see their creative works :)

Good job as always.

Thank you for viewing, it is always nice opportunity to learn many others who soemtimes are very close in their hobbies and skills :)


See my art also on my blog. I do photography as well as my passion art also and follow me for more posts like this.

Amazing~~~ Wow~~~ Really good!!!