Art-Venture Magazine No.270 and Art Contest

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Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


This is a project to support young artists of traditional Art and photography on Steem.





Welcome to our Magazine and we are glad to present you today our selected posts that we would like to display once all together and probably let one or another user to discover something new and beautiful.

Also we would like to draw your attention to our Art Contest that we started few days ago with the topic of “Autumn”. Hopefully you will have many interesting ideas and would like to take part in this contest.





The Prizes:

  • The First prize 50 Steem

  • The Second prize 40 Steem

  • The Third prize 30 Steem

  • The Fourth prize 25 Steem

  • 3 x 10 Steem


As reminder, using “world of xpilar “ community page will make it easy for us to find you.

The deadline for submission is 13 September 2020, 12 PM Central European Time (CET) and winners will be announced as soon as possible but latest on 15 September 2020


Trenner groß.png


Today's selected Artist


Robber Fly: The Assassin Flies by @akukamaruzzaman




Trenner groß.png


✏️ Sketch of Girl – 05 by @zilustras




Trenner groß.png


Forest Fairy bodypainting by @creativemary




Trenner groß.png


Acrylic Painting - Embryonic Transmutation by @lucius




Trenner groß.png


Dark Elf. by




Trenner groß.png


Wall-E by @debandsketches




Trenner groß.png


My new art. by @andrianna




Trenner groß.png


Dibujando a Iron Fist / Drawing Iron Fist by @juliocesardraw




Trenner groß.png


Drawing for Brenda by @inu-jim




Trenner groß.png


Flowers - Watercolour on Paper by @hananan





Your contribution would greatly appreciated,Sincerely,

@stef1 and @myskye


Trenner groß.png





CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar







If you would like to delegate to the Art-Venture Project you can do so by clicking on the following links:

50 SP 100 SP 250 SP 500 SP 1000 SP 3000 SP

our Supporters

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Thank you @art-venture, this is what makes me happy and of course, encourages me to continue posting content in the #WorldOfExpilar community :)

We glad to hear such nice feedback and it was a pleasure to display your beautiful work :)

Thank you very much for supporting our Magazine, really appreciate it!

Thank you 😍 all this post are beautiful

We thank you for keeping cheering us up with such wonderful posts :)

The art you have selected has become very beautiful.These results of yours inspire me to do art.Thank you for the beautiful post.

That makes us very happy, we miss to see variety of Art as it was before :)

Thanks to @art-venture for mentioning my work next to so many interesting artists. You're all awesome!
I'll keep posting a few more in the next days.

Hi @zilustras, on other side I am pretty sure every of other artists is happy to be on your side too :)

Thank you! Enjoyed seeing the other art/artists as well.

Thank you @lucius it is our pleasure to support your work and thank you for such lovely feedback :)

thank you for the mention!!! :D

You are very welcome, I love WALL-E and your digital version is really cute :)

Thank you :)

@art-venture your are most welcome my dear friend,keep up your good work. God bless you

Bro wonderful 👍

Thank you :)

Hi. I hope I'm not inappropriate but I have seen identical works published here and on the other platform. I think you should review your curations because there are artists who are doubly rewarded and other artists who receive nothing. Those who show their art exclusively for steemit should be better rewarded.
It's not about being in one place. No. People can be on both platforms but with honesty. The works should not be totally identical.
Greetings @art-venture

Hi @marcybetancourt, I agree there are many who post on two platforms, there are some who posts on three platform on Blurt too. That is simply life now. There is very little steemexclusive now. We never punished people for posting on different platforms for Artists it is an advertisement of their creative property and it is not simply blogging.

But when we do contest and reward them with prices then yes we will give a preference to those who post exclusively. Hope

You are right! The artist has ownership over its work.

But since I know that the selected artists in this gallery can read my commentary, I ask them for honesty. If we are not honest then we have no morals to claim rights when someone commits plagiarism.

I also have hope!