Art-Venture Magazine No. 304

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No. 304



Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


This is a project to support young artists of traditional Art and photography on Steem.



First of all we would like to remind everyone about current Contest: „My Star Wars“. Please do not lose the time and prepare if you want to take part in the contest, we see often people coming as last minute or too late. Pay attention to deadline and rules.



The Prizes:

  • The First prize 50 Steem

  • The Second prize 40 Steem

  • The Third prize 30 Steem

  • The Fourth prize 25 Steem

  • 4 x 15 Steem



The deadline for submission is 08.12.2020, 12 PM Central European Time (CET) and winners will be announced as soon as possible but latest on 09.12.2020




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Today's selected Artist


Dibujo de Cachorro Caniche by @marcocosta




@marcocosta with such cute little puppy, with it s black button eyes. I do not think anyone can look without smile :)


Trenner groß.png


work in progress... by


vipNzPc3kLE.jpg is a professional Artist with such extraordinary style, we always glad to have him among our Artist and be able to display his works


Trenner groß.png


Succubus | | Exclusive Digital Painting for NFT Showroom by @hadley4




@hadley4 is a digital artist who presents his works on Steem, another impressive character, with a fire in the eyes


Trenner groß.png


📷 My new painting "Goldfish" by @singa




@singa with her new painting of fish, so colourful but not overwhelming, like how she puts it in different surrounding


Trenner groß.png


梳小辫子的男人 by @winniex




@winniex with her pencil drawing of portrait,one of the favorite topic for artists, well done shading and features of face


Trenner groß.png


Tried to paint beth harmon from queens gambit by @masummim50




@masummim50 with digital painting of beautiful character, expressive eyes and glance


Trenner groß.png


A "Sean Connery" Portrait by @ezunjoshy




@ezunjoshy brings back the memories about Sean Connery, beautiful portrait


Trenner groß.png


Colored pencil portrait of a beautiful woman! by @promisearts




@promisearts back in our magazine, he is a hyper realistic portrait artist and we can this time portrait in colours


Trenner groß.png


Amaneciendo by @barbarabezina




@barbarabezina this work caught my eyes, because of the highlight from sun on the left of painting, that is dropping reflection of water too. Simply beautiful


Trenner groß.png


CryptoPortrait of Edward Snowden by @jenina619




@jenina619 with her version of Edward Snowden, really like it.



Your contribution would greatly appreciated,Sincerely,

@stef1 and @myskye


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If you would like to delegate to the Art-Venture Project you can do so by clicking on the following links:

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Thank you so much for your attention to my work!
It is very nice to see my paintings in your best magazine for artists!


Thanks for the feature! Keep up the good work

Thanks for the mention.
It's a nice collection.

thank you all so much....

Hey! I am learning with digital drawing, I would like you to take a look <3 hugs! xoxo