Art-Venture Magazine No. 385 and 5 Steem Giveaway to the selected Artists!

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No. 385



Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


This is a project to support young artists of traditional Art and photography on Steem.




Welcome to our Wednesday Magazine and we are happy to present you our Top 10 selection of Visual Art.

This is to remind you all that with our Magazine we are aim to introduce you to each other and to let you see the posts of Visual Art creators again. You know that they are doing the same things like you that is why they will be also happy to see your comments on their posts and to have your little support too.

Please visit the posts and communicate with each other.


Wishing you nice week.




Trenner groß.png


Today's selected Artist


A James Franco Pencil Impression by @ezunjoshy





Trenner groß.png


Angel by @fashionphotos





Trenner groß.png


Beauty made Flesh - Watercolour Painting + Process @iansart





Trenner groß.png


Zero Two digital art || by: @aboart





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Reflection 🔸 by @exanime15





Trenner groß.png


Retrato de mi amigo David / Portrait of my friend David - Traditional drawing with graphite by @irenenavarroart





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Photographing my favourite band - Kerbdog by @davekavanagh





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Comic book spread. by @elenasteem





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Batman - Fan Art #1 by @essendi





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Davy Jones - From Pirate Of The Caribbean by @maxwellmarcusart






Your contribution would greatly appreciated,Sincerely,

@stef1 and @myskye


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I love all the photos and drawings!
James Franco pencil of @ezunjoshy is really good!!!

Thanks a bunch 😊

Thank you for your nice words :)

Thank you very much I did not expect it and congratulations to the others! 😊

Glad to have you here, you have the certain distinct way of photography, that is easy to recognize, that is typical you :)

I can't describe a feeling while reading this and thank you so much one more time, I am motivated even more now! 😊

I'm more than excited, thanks for the feature.

Nice and glad to see how thoroughly you work on the face features :)

Wow, nice art pieces. Loved those drawings. Nice 3D look. ❤

Thank you for stopping by :)

Can we follow each other. So that we can help each other grow?

50 Steem been transferred to selected Artists:


oh my god thank you so much for the support, you are in my heart for supporting me <3

Thank you Irene for your positive attitude and for such beautiful result of your creation :)

 4 months ago 

Awesome, thank you so much!! Congratulations to the other selected artists too. I love discovering new work through these posts.

Thank you Dave, it is really nice to communicate with you and of course we are enjoying your Art :)

Fantastic drawings and photographs.
Thanks a lot for featuring my work.

You are welcome that is my favourite character :)

Oh, that's good to know.

Amazing works!!! These are my two favorites:

Thank you for feedback :)

thank you ! I'm glad you like my work, I'm a comics lover.

Thank you very much I really appreciate it! 😊

excellent works of visual art all are wonderful so good to see so much quality art here in steemit's art magazine greetings

Thank you @betzaelcorvo for stopping by :)

Hi @art-venture
I have just joined back after 3 yrs. So can u help me please how to startup again.
I am into Art & Craft ,along with taking online education classes.
I am not able to get back visitors on my blog.
Please if u can help me for the same or any suggestions.
Thanks and Regards

Thank you very much I will definitely visit the page.

Thank you art-venture! as always doing a great job as a curator, the support of the magazine is a great incentive to keep going. Best regards !

As always glad to have you among our active users and to follow your creations :)

thank you :D

You are welcome :)

Nice photos and drawings. Congratulations!