@Art-Venture traditional Art contest: “Halloween”. Winning Pot 190 Steem!

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Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


In the tradition of @art-venture project we wanted to announce a new Art Contest today, that is running as always by @stef1 and @myskye.


The Theme of the week is “Halloween”


We were thinking about the topic and decided to choose one of the symbolic topic for October and it is “Halloween”.

“Halloween” is one of most exiting holiday for both children and adults. Once a year we love to become children too and get dressed as one of the monsters, we like to scare others and to have fun to get scared ourselves.

So get ready everyone we would like to start with Art Contest first, that means we would like to see your fantasy and skills to surprise us with your:

  • Creativity
  • Fantasy
  • You love to Art

Here are some examples from our collection, usually this is a tradition that for every HALLOWEEN @stef1 is dedicating a new work. The work for this Halloween will be posted closer to end of October.




We hope that @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 will support this contest with promotion to make it visible for as many people as possible.


Let’s get ready for HALLOWEEN!



Trenner groß.png


The Prizes:

  • The First prize 50 Steem

  • The Second prize 40 Steem

  • The Third prize 30 Steem

  • The Fourth prize 25 Steem

  • 3 x 15 Steem



Trenner groß.png


Rules of competition:

! please read these carefully and abide by the rules !


  • Posting via „world of xpilar“ may give you additional support of @worldofxpilar curation trial too

  • Upvote, Resteem the initial post or Update post
  • use #art-venture tag
  • Title it: ArtVenture Contest: + your title
  • Take photo of step by step process (this is one of the most important criterion)
  • The works must be newly created and marked with your own names
  • Traditional Art medium and this time DIGITAL ART also could be used.
  • You can submit up to 2 entries
  • Any attempt to steal other's work is considered a serious infraction, we will cancel his qualification permanently.
  • Post a link to your entry below the comment thread.


The deadline for submission is 18 October 2020, 12 PM Central European Time (CET) and winners will be announced as soon as possible but latest on 20 October 2020


Trenner groß.png




Here are what we have now and if there will be more donation then Total Winning Pot may grow.



We wish you good luck!




@stef1 and @myskye


Trenner groß.png


CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar








If you would like to delegate to the Art-Venture Project you can do so by clicking on the following links:

50 SP 100 SP 250 SP 500 SP 1000 SP 3000 SP


Trenner groß.png


our Supporters

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Here's my entry.
This is a scene from a very lovely short movie.
Recreated from scratch traditionally and then digitally :)


Details in my post:

Thank you for taking part in the contest :)

Hi thanks for this contest this is my first entry, I am planning on drawing for my 2nd entry



Thank you for submission :)

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nice contest hope it keeps going

Hi Nik, it is a good work but unfortunately it is copyrighted, I left message under your post in your blog. We can't accept it

Thank you for submission, you should cite the sources.

This is good @art-venture
So you are not accepting digital art?

Thank you @cryptopie. Lately we do not have many submission for Art contest. Maybe we can add digital too. I will amend the rules and you can submit digital Art too :)

That is good to know, maybe I can win @art-venture :D

Ooooh yes, as I missed this kind of contest, I am very excited and I am already imagining some ideas for this month of terror.

Thank you for your interest, would be great if you take a part :)

Thank you for submission :)

Hola me gusta mucho la iniciativa, gracias por crearla para todos nosotros.

Thank you for your kind words :)


Hi @praditya, I have left few comments under your recent artworks as they were inspired by the works of others but you have not mentioned the sources in your works. We have give credits to the author if we are inspired by someone else's work.

When reviewing the submissions we will also check the works, if such cases happen then we will disqualify them.

Regards, @stef1 and @myskye the creators of @art-venture project

Hi, @art-venture. I would again like to tell that he post you are mentioning wasn't a part of any contest and just a mere practice at home which was clearly motioned in the post. As you commented there, I gave my explanation and assured you that next time would mention the inspiration's source, anyways this isn't ethical to poke a person on every other section of steemit and say the same thing which was cleared earlier.
I hope this should remain professional and a happy place to be in.
Good luck for your contest @stef1

Sorry @sayago, the contest if to create an Art and not to get a photograph of an Art of others. We can't qualify your submission.

OK thank you very much.

Great initiatives. Thank u for the contest. Wish I could participate.

We thought it is a must for October :)

Thank you for your submission and your active participation :)

excelente actividad de arte visual en dibujos tradicionales voy a preparar mi entrada esto se va a poner bueno....... saludos

Thank you, as always it is a pleasure to have you among the other Artists :)

Thank you for the participation :)

Thank you for participation :)

Thank you for submission :)

Here's my entry for the contest.



Thank you for participation :)

Thank you for submission your second painting :)

Had some problems dropping this, ought I have done this earlier.


My entry post.

Thank you for submission :)