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I was feeling so bored today, literally wasting my time on watching stupid random recommended videos on youtube, going through the notifications on my phone. Then I switched me to my active mode. Took the brush, a sheet from my sketchbook. I wanted to draw something.

Then I made this...!


Painting process

1.Fixed the drawing sheet on a surface with masking tape. This will help to get good edging for the painting.


2.First wash with water then with the basic colours over the paper, leaving space behind for the white spaces for highlights.
This is important ib making watercolour painting because in these, creating lighter region over a darker portion is complicated.

3.Now switches into wet on dry methode. Letting paper to dry. The applies the colours with good saturation and creating the edges, detailing etc.

4.Finally after completing the painting, removing the tapes carefully without damaging the paper.
Taking the painting ou for showcasing.


Finale view of my Watercolour Painting.


Watercolour portrait painting
280gsm paper
Artist grade Watercolour
Time : 2 hours

Project 4.png

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