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These lovely(Sometimes angry :O ) little buggers have lived by my house for an eternity, well since I can remember anyway ^_^. For at least a decade I have seen their work getting closer and closer out of curiosity about my industrious not so little( for ants (^; ) neighbors. My encounters have been a mixed bag over the years. the first few times I really ran into them was in trying to set up a garden. at first, we warred but then I discovered that these guys don't use aphids and are hunters so they make for good localized pest control. Only recently have I learned and adapted myself enough to approach them closely without fear of being bit! Within my observance these ants are incredibly resilient, fierce and definitely survivors, watching them work together is absolutely heartwarming and more than a little inspiring <3.This picture is the first in a series that is the result of working to gain these ants acceptance of my presence(now that I intend a series on them I'm going to leave little ant bribes <3)

Ants in general have always caught my curiosity, in quite a few of their aspects. with sheer teamwork, they build small monuments to society to housing and to civilization as a whole. in many aspects, their works remind me of the ancient Egyptian pyramids!such a show of work from such a small creature is rather humbling to me <3. in scaled scope the sheer magnitude of things ants do through simple teamwork is absolutely mind-blowing!
ants-4999679_640.png ( credit where it is due.)

now for some ant facts that I will be learning as I put them together for you ^_^

Did you know?

1. A queen carpenter ant can live as long as 25 years and has thousands of babies over that lifespan!?

2. Across the world there are over 10000 types of ants?

3. A battle between two ants is usually fatal to one party or the other!

4. Ants lack any ears...

5. Ants lack the ability for flatulence(news to me lol)

6. The average colony of ants has as many brain cells as a human.

7. An ants heart resembles an elongated tube

8. I'm now going to have to find 105 interesting facts about ants and figure out how to talk about them for the rest of 3500 words (;

9. Ants prefer to defecate in corners

10. Soldier ants use their heads like tower shields to block entrances leading to the queen( kinda friggin metal ngl)

11. Ants kidnap ants from other colonies

12. Harrison Ford has a species of ant named after him

13. A queen ant loses her wings after she chooses her first mate

14. Ants are in the same insect group as wasps and bee's

15. Ants have two stomachs, one of them's purpose is to share food with others

Well if you read this far thank you very much, as a new content creator it means a lot to have somebody read all the way through, so yeah, thank you

                                        ~*~May love light and fortune favor you, yours truly, aveanth~*~ 



I rewrote everything in my own wording with no pasting. These are the sites I drew my facts from.

As a side note, most of the editing was to cut the glare from my flash, so future entries won't have near the brightness exposure and contrast editing that this image has as I will take them around solar noon to maximize solar exposure on the sand allowing me to forgo the flash.