DECEPTION CASE #01: @nourin Photo Plagiarism on Steemit

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Generally speaking this is not the first case we have caught plagiarists at @worldofxpilar community. Were few cases before and users were banned. However, following same idea posts by @stef1, decided to from now on to make all such cases visible for all community.

Hopefully this may prevent of some new generations of scammers to come to our community (and to steemit in general)


So lets go this the first case and what do we have here. Pretty new account created December, 2020 and started to post pretty decent writing and photography content. Declaring she is Nourin afrin Dipa - a pretty girl from Bangladesh mainly using Samsung Galaxy Note 9pro gear with further LightRoom retouch (as per descriptions given in posts).

So far everything sounds legit and looks fine. First posts contained experienced amateur level photography causing no any suspects in originality. Although from the time She started to participate in my photography contests the level of photography had risen a lot. And to the certain level that declaring those photos are made by a smartphone just become a nonsense

I'm not just a person who carries photography contests. Being pro photographer I do all of them on higher level, I know the gear and abilities and sometimes can easily understand what kind of focal length of the lens was used, how long was exposure, etc.

Unfortunately plagiarists are very smart and using some techniques like cropping stolen images or even making screenshots from videos, so it makes very hard to find clean matches in searching engines. It takes time and efforts, but having any particular user posting for while, sooner or later the truth comes out.

So looking through the blog of @nourin following clear matches found

Match #01


There are actually many sources for this particular photo, but main one suppose to be from wikipedia!


Author declared to be Mr. Deepak Sankat.

Well, this case makes me sad most, cause have paid award as a weekly winner. But s**t happens and we need to move on. Just to admit this is another trick to add own "Photography Logo" for photo to look much more legitimate. Such a shame! And yes, image was still cropped a bit too.

Matches #02 and #03

They are actually from the same post



Source (multiply matches)


and second one is (multiply matches as well)


Source (multiply matches as well)


Match #04



Pretty interesting one, since taken from an older steemit blog of @toukirahmed


@toukirahmed was (not posting anymore) a user from Bangladesh as well and at the last stage of posting was banned by steemcleaners for plagiarism too

At this point it arises a question if the profile on @nourin not a fake at all? Who knows, this is very hard to investigate...

Suppose those 4 clean matches are more than enough as a proof for banning @nourin from World of Xpilar. Regretfully we do not have any power to ban such abusers from steemit.

At this point @steemcurator01 is very welcome to continue support with fighting such plagiarists and make steemit cleaner place for everybody


Triste que existan personas que hasta para publicar un post roben imágenes, muy bien que compartas la información, es plagio y eso se debe conocer en la comunidad y así nos muestras a los usuarios que no se deben hacer esas cosas, gracias por compartir.

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Excellent publication friend. It's time to make public the cases of plagiarism.

Greetings friend @axeman.

It is unfortunate that some users apply plagiarism as a method of publication, without taking into account that the communities are made up of a team that reviews the content visited every day.

Good work.

Wow.. I started following this person and replied on the last post she made. Thanks for all the research @axeman and for your post.

Your competitions still rock!

Fighting such plagiarists and make steemit cleaner place for everybody we need all local community and steemit to get involved

You have to guide to make steemit a good place @axeman

Saludos amigo @axeman. tengo dos comentarios.
Todo aquel que hace plagio debería ser tomado como delincuente porque se roba una imagen y con ella logra ganar un premio que otra persona que hace un trabajo propio y excelente podría ganar. Estoy de acuerdo que hagas esto de mostrar todo aquel que hace trampa.

2do: Si te has fijado en mis fotos notaras que necesitan una ayuda profesional. Me gusta la fotografía y me gustaría aprender y mejorar mis fotos. Que me recomiendas y donde podria ver temas que me ayuden a mejorar.

Muchas gracias. Suerte en tus futuros trabajos.

 3 months ago 

My friend. Nowadays internet is full of free photography courses (e-books and youtube videos even). I would recommend just to search and start learning from those basic ones.
And then to stick to the genre (or even few) which you like most and try to further improve your skills there

I'm sorry. But there is no universal cure. Attention is needed. More attention. Especially for applications to win in the top.
IMHO you need to pay attention to weak works that also fall into the top. When the bad works win in the competition, the illusion of a “blind jury” is created. And if the “judges” are blind, then there is a hope that the fake will go unnoticed. This is what the crook thinks. When photos of cats, sloppy drawings, garbage win - it means "blind juror" - it means it is easy to cheat. This is what the crook thinks.
Raise the requirements for the quality of applications, select the winners more strictly. This will make it difficult to deceive. This will protect you against deception.
Thank you for warning about the danger.

 3 months ago 

Hah, but that's the point! In order to win they start to enter with extremely high quality images and then it becomes clear that something is really wrong :D I'm never "blind" lol

Plagiarism is a very difficult problem.

Wow now because they don't employ that great ingenuity in creating things of their own, that reminds me of when they accused me of plagiarism and proved that the photos were my property.

Many believe that they will not be discovered, but there is the proof and it was so daring that it was not once but several times.

Revisando su historial de transferencias, suele transferir sus saldos a varios usuarios, pero luegos estos transfieren a @ shohana1 . Quizas haya una relación. Revisa los movimientos de la cuenta

 3 months ago 

Thanks for info, my friend. Actually we aware of the fact and working further on this case

Don’t worry man, shame about those people of poor soul that can’t make any art. Now we all know that profile. And you are right about the technical details, For example: i am amateur, and I take pictures with my iPhone, is for that I think I have never participated in your landscape contest because it is very difficult for people like me with a phone make a great landscape photo because the basic technicality requirements. Keep steeming @axeman.

 3 months ago 

Well, with newest smartphones it become quite possible to get even very decent shot. But still to certain degree :) I would suggest you still to keep trying. Sometimes composition, colors and everything else just overweight the pixels quality issue )

 3 months ago (edited)

@axeman, yes u r not blind. My two cousin send me that 2,3 pictures & said submit It's suits. Here I don't want to mentions their names bcz God will punish them Insha Allah. I didn’t know that those are someone's else! I can't go that place so they gave me, they betrayed me. My all works are mine. I worked previous in big online platforms who were strict about Plagiarism. I'm also organised a contest an another platform, there also I wrote about plagiarism. Yes I was fool that I believe some people’s. That doesn’t mean that u clearly said I'm dishonest.. That doesn’t mean my all works are plagiarism!!!!! This is our Universe, where I get my result for my hard works. And people also say who they listen. It's easy to say YOU ARE DISHONEST.

I'm apologizing for everything, but that wasn’t my fault. Still I'm apologizing from my heart. BECAUSE I'M HONEST & I DON'T WANT 'HARAM' MONEY FROM YOU & ANYONE. I believe my Allah. Thank you🙏

 3 months ago 

Hi @nourin, you are writing:


But somehow under each of the photo you have put your won user name:


That is a deception, when you are using the photography of someone else and putting your name but also the phone, so you are deceiving others saying that you did the picture with the smartphone. This is everything stated in your post and you have written it yourself. @axeman just showing us what you have posted.

It is good that you are accepting your mistake and hope to see more of your own photography.

 3 months ago (edited)

Thank u so much for ur nicely behaviour @stef1, I wasn’t able to go Bashundhara area, so I called my cousin take some nice pictures for me by her cell phn... I have to post said to her. She sended me picture & I trusted her. That's why I wrote my name there. Don't know that she lied to me, I never post these pictures. Situation fact. But I love Photography & writing. All my family members & friends know this. I always work hard to earn with honesty. I wish I could know all these, I never posted 💔. All works were done by me with honesty but now all are saying my all works are fake!! I was shocked!!

I was apologised from heart bcz I loved this community. Thank u so much.

Impressive how cheating many people are.
Luckily they end up falling. Plagiarizers do not deserve to earn anything for the work of others. Definitely not.
Good job @axeman. I agree, plagiarizers should be exposed.

@axeman. I have a suggestion, perhaps something to consider for your competitions going forward.
What if the contest requires also taking a second photo from a different perspective or take a second shot as a selfie etc?

This way it can be proven that the person submitting the photo was actually at the location or is the artist behind the work.

 3 months ago 

In this case will will fall into category of totally amateur (most probably only smartphone) photography and actually will restrict participation to only fresh shots having in mind participation in contest.

I remember we had few such attempts here in steemit for all those years and no one of such lasted long enough.

My brother is a professional photographer (I promise never to use any of his photos hehe). What he does sometimes is take a photo using his phone of his camera setup. But of course that requires it being on a tripod. Anyhow perhaps by exposing more plagiarizers we will see less and less of them.👍

 3 months ago 

Good job my friend @axeman. You've done a real investigation. Unfortunately, this evil thrives on social media.

 3 months ago 

Fully support your opinion and thank you for such great investigation. We will be seeing on and off such cases where people start with simple and then get more courage and forget to be careful.

@steemcurator01, please support this post revealing plagiarism. We all have to fight abuse on Steem.

Great work thanks for sharing this information I'm going to pay that page a visit 😉

mda. shit not only happens... I'd say, it doesnt stop happening... :/

good news good work
if it is not your image why be afraid to credit someone else and you write original post about that image - if u decide to use someone else photos
no shame in that just put source
sooner or later people get caugth red handed if you do otherwise

i have question @axeman may help maybe
for me when i take photo with my phone it takes more than one photo for sure - at least couple of them - which can be pretty strong evidence in proving that photos are yours if someone doubts or question
i assume it is case with proffessional photographers but do you store all lets say "bad shots" as well or just good ones due to storage problems and organization

can this method of multiple shots be used to at least slows down these deception cases

 3 months ago 

There is very simple way (and done that before couple of times if any suspicious and no matches found in search engines) - just to ask to provide original file with all EXIF data.

Normally that makes everything clear at once :) Just this to be done when something looks really wrong and fishy

It's great to see this article. Kudos! I hate when people do that, my photos had be stolen and used for profit with no credit several times.

That's the main reason I closed and deleted permanently my Instagram account as there were more than 20 web sites that allowed my photos for download as "wallpapers for free". Instagram API allowed that at the time. Their pages were full of ads so it was clear where profit comes from in that case.

Today I muted the user from your post, hopefully more people do that. Thank you :)

wuaoooo que asombro, excelente post. una información que todos debemos saber. tengo una pregunta, tengo un equipo Redmi 9A las fotos que tomo con este equipo pueden participar o necesariamente tiene que ser una camara profesional.?