The World of XPILAR - LANDSCAPE/SEASCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #091 - 20STEEM/14SBI in prizes! - Submissions post

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WEEK #091

1The contest is open for entire STEEMIT community
4Entries must be original work - NO PLAGIARISM
5The entry photo must be in COMMENTS to this thread as well with the link to initial post
6Short description is warmly welcome
7You may submit ONE(1) entry per week
8All entries must be submitted by the THURSDAY following this post (24.00Hrs CET)

1st place - 6 STEEM + 4 SBI
2nd place - 5 STEEM + 3 SBI
3rd place - 4 STEEM + 2 SBI
5 Honorable mentions - 1 STEEM + 1 SBI
Extra Honorable Mentions - 1 SBI

All entries will be judged on basis of visual impact/creativity and quality/techniques. This is PHOTOGRAPHY/ART contest, don't forget :)
Be creative


Supported by @xpilar


Supported by SBI


Yey! Thank you and Congratulations to all the participants! ❤️

My participation in the competition. "Footprint on Volga sand"

Nidos de pichones de arrendajos, esperando a sus progenitores para su alimentación

Hello , my friend

Felicidades a todos los ganadores y gracias @axeman por la mención honorifica!!!

Absolutely wonderful choices. Laughed when I saw the smiling child holding a landscape!

Hi, @axeman. This is my participation in the contest: Week # 091.

Ciudad Bolívar from the Summit / @SkinnyGirl


Shared on my Twitter account.

Separador 1.png

 3 months ago 


Congratulations to all the winners and the participants...

Hi @axeman
Thanks for the extra honorable mention.
Congratulations to all the winners.
This is my entry:

No 3 is uppertubbing

 3 months ago 

Nice writing keep it up

congratulations to all the winners

My entry fot this week contest : Rhodes Anthony Quinn beach

 3 months ago 

I don't really understand. Please when is the deadline of these contest. Is it thursday nextweek or within 24hrs today?

 3 months ago 

Every contest is 1 week from the date of posting

 3 months ago 

Thank you so much for the feedback

Well done to all the winning entries...great pics :)

My latest photo of seascape - thank you @axeman for providing these challenges :)

The View from The Cliffs

 3 months ago 

Congratulations to all the winners!

... and this is my new painting on the marine theme, written in dry pastel


I hope that you will like it?

Gracias por la mención honorífica. Realmente agradecida ya que valoro mucho la opinión de personas expertas puesto que apenas inicio en este arte de la fotografía. Felicidades a todos los ganadores. Preparando mi próxima entrada. Saludos

Hi @axeman and everyone reading this post. This is my entry for this weeks contest: The World of XPILAR - LANDSCAPE/SEASCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #091. It is a photo I took at the the Cachoeira Vale das Borboletas (Waterfall Valley of the Butterflies) in the interesting location of São Thomé das Letras, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Have a look at the post and link below to find out more info.

Tiny Planet - Cachoeira Vale das Borboletas

Thanks for reading and see you soon. 👍
 3 months ago 

Yeheyyyy :)
Huge thank you and congrats to all the other winners and mentioned!

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