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RE: Photo of the week #17 | Submissions post

in WORLD OF XPILAR5 months ago

Cheers! аnd Thanks!!!

This fluffy ball of wool wishes everyone happiness :-)

Этот пушистый комок шерсти желает всем счастья :)



What a beautiful photograph, a model cat, even poses.

 5 months ago 

True, he is a little shy :-))

Muy lindo gatito @bambuka

 5 months ago 

Muchas gracias @sacra97 :-)

 5 months ago 

Мучас грасияс хулио-иглесиас)

 5 months ago 

тонкости языкознания... ))

Beautiful cat @bambuka

 5 months ago 

Thanks @javima :-)

You are welcome @bambuka

Me encanta este lindo gatito!!! <3

 5 months ago 

Muchas gracias amigo @marybellrg :)