It was a very beautiful journey to us-Road to Kharibari

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15 days ago I visited Kharibari. The wonderful environment is surrounded by innumerable waters. I was very breathless from a continuous house arrest for many days. So I planned to go to Khari Bari with two friends. The road on it is also very good. It is the ideal road for a bike ride.


Last night we made a plan. So we left at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. I went out with my pulsar ns200. And my friend brought a Yamaha FZ. Anyway, we started to move towards Jessore Road to Madhyamgram. So I have nothing special to say about it. After driving for about 15 minutes, we reached the intersection of Madhyamgram.

Then it's time to go to the new road. The name of the road is Badu road. This is a brand new road for us. The road is quite good. Some new repairs have been done on the road. After going some distance, I saw Madhyamgram police station on the right. The police station is small but beautiful to look at. We started walking. Going some distance, I asked a man the direction of the chalk house. The man explained the direction of our path in a beautiful way.


Our bike is running at a speed of 50 km/hour. New views and environment all around. I like to ride a bike on a new road. Because I like unfamiliar houses and localities around. So I am not in favor of increasing the speed of the bike. This deprived us of enjoying the beauty of the surroundings. In this way, after walking for about 30 minutes, we came to a corner of a three-lane road, with Taki Road on the left and Khari Bari Road on the right.


The condition of this road is a bit bad, but not so bad. Sometimes it is difficult to ride a bad bike, but this difficulty is worthless to the excitement of going to a new place. Anyway, I started walking along this road. He has formed a very strong nationalism with the unity of language.

After 15 minutes along this road, we reached our desired chalk house area. The environment is very open and there are water and water all around. Today the Muslims had eid so naturally, there were a lot of people there. Anyway, we started walking along the road on both sides. Huge lake. Strong wind is blowing. We started to move forward.


After going some distance, we saw an empty place and parked the bike. Then we took some photos with our mobile. Surrounded by a wonderful natural environment. Really had a great day. And a new place was discovered. I always like to go to new places.

After sitting there for a while in the natural environment, we made our way back home. We arrived at our house a little later in the evening.