ArtVenture Contest: Sketch of Another Cute Girl

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Hello Friends,

Another Cute Girl Final.jpg

Thanks again to team of @art-venture and @xpilar in bringing these art contests.
Here is my second entry for the ongoing contest.
This time, I am bringing you a sketch of portrait of a Cute Girl with step by stem process as below.


Rough outline of the face of portrait with all the parts in the face as we can see below.
I am sure the artists will be more inspired to draw nature and persons and girls and women are special force of inspiration for all of us, isn't it?

Another Cute Girl 1.jpg


A little shading of the hair of the girl with outward and inward movement of the pencil to give the shape of hair structure.

Another Cute Girl 2.jpg


Further shading of the hair to give it more darkening look and extending it to downwards.

Another Cute Girl 3.jpg


Shading of eyebrows and forehead part as we can see below.
Eyes are always special source of inspiration and not just for artists, even for anyone and eyes always makes one beautiful.

Another Cute Girl 4.jpg


Here comes the shading for those beautiful eyes and I must admit, eyes are the center of attraction in this sketch work. Do you agree with me?
Also the shading of her hair braid or pony tail?

Another Cute Girl 5.jpg


And, we are into the final part of this sketch.
Shading of lips, design of her dress and minor shading on the face to give those curvy structures and natural look.
That's all in this sketch work and hopefully, you will like it and appreciate the time spent on drawing this.

Another Cute Girl Final.jpg

Thanks for going thru this and supporting me as always.
Once again, thanking all those who are responsible in bringing this contest into reality, especially the initiators @art-venture, @stef1 and sponsors @xpilar and @steem-agora and all others who are part of this initiation.
And yes, wishing good luck to all the artists who have participated in this contest by spending valuable time in bringing out their art work.

Wishing you all nice Sunday and a nice week ahead :)


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Thanks for the votes, comments and resteems.

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Nice sketching as always.

Thank you friend :)

Couple of those for the ArtVenture Contest :)

Yeah, that's cool.

 4 months ago 

Hey, buddy, great picture, I loved it. The eyes look so real it has a unique glow. Thanks for sharing, cheers!!

Good luck in the contest!

Thank you, yeah...Eyes looks very attractive and real.

Thanks for the wishes :) Have a Good Day.

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