Sketch of Indian Superhero Character of Krrish

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Hello Friends,

Superhero Final.jpg

This is the age of super powers and super heroes and even kids admire and want to be like a Super Hero.
Here I am with sketch work of well known Indian Super Hero character of Krrish.
Krrish movie was a super hit among Indian youth and old people and inspired me to go with this sketch work.


First step, as usual, outline of the face with the mask, the Krrish wears.

Superhero 1.jpg


Continued with outline of the body part as we can see below.
Krrish movie was a sequel of the movie Koi Mil Gaya and all the movies of Krrish involves Krrish fighting Aliens and high profile villains to protect the people.

Superhero 2.jpg


Shading of the mask part around eyes and face.

Superhero 3.jpg


Further shading of mask part with face shading is also being done as below.

Superhero 4.jpg


Shading continued for face mask and hair part with outline of the body also thickened.

Superhero 5.jpg


Here comes the final one with whole body shaded to give that perfect look of a Superhero.
Check his unique mask part, which is just around his eyes and head.

Superhero Final.jpg

Thanks as always and hope you are safe wherever you are.

Be Happy and Keep Blogging :)


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Hello @coolguy123

Hey, buddy, your drawing looks great, excellent! I've never seen that movie. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you, yes, it's a great movie, not less than to any Hollywood action movies...

Have a Good Day :)

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