Step by Step Drawing and Coloring of a Horse.

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Hello Friends,

Horse Final.jpg

Life is full of challenges and it's he who takes on those challenges irrespective of failures or success, will gain the experience to face any such further challenges.

I kind of bored with sketch work as my last few works were all sketch works and hence, I thought of doing different today and that led me to go for a Water color painting of a Horse.

Steps I followed: Drew the Horse face part roughly as in below picture.

It seems the humans started domesticating the horses as back as in 4000 BC itself.

Horse 1.jpg

Coloring of the Horse. Started with upper part of the face and background as we can see below. Blue mixed with a little of green and pink for background and Orange and purple to the face to start with.

An interesting fact about horse is that, it can sleep even when standing and Wikipedia details say that, there are about 300 different breeds of horses are there with each of those developed for different purposes.

Horse 2.jpg

Further coloring of face part with addition of few more colors for patch like display of colors most of the horses possess.

Normal life expectancy of horses seems to be between 25 to 30 years, but there are exceptions it seems as per Wikipedia with a horse living as old as 62 years!!

Horse 3.jpg

And we have reached the final one as in below. With shading continued and other things added to make it look like real horse. Do you feel that?

Horses are not only used for pulling carts, but also in many advanced sports including dressage in Olympics and also for agricultural and Police work related tasks.

Horse Final.jpg


That is all I offer today friends. A quick change from many sketches to a paint work today and I hope you like it as before.

Thanks and Have a Good Day :)


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Thank you a ton, I am enjoying being on this community. Good Day Guys :)

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Nice style and very well done!

World of Xpilar Community Moderator

Thank you, appreciate that the art works are appreciated on this community.

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