Step by Step Sketch art of a Witch

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Hello Friends,

Witch Final.jpg

Art work everyday is like part of the life nowadays which also helps in killing the time during these self lockdown days due to Corona.

Having said about Corona virus, now there are more than 14 million Corona affected(including the recovered) people all around the World with US recording a day's highest of 77K cases in a single day!!!

India now in Third position of most number of Corona cases reported list and has recorded 30K+ cases today and the number of cases are getting increased every day.

I just tried my level best to draw a beautiful Witch as in below steps.


As usual, outline of the sketch first with hat of the Witch and body.

Word Witch normally used with a person doing evil things or something bad for their personal gain.

Witch 1.jpg

Here comes the shading for that famous Black Hat Witches said to wear.

Witchcraft, the art of Witches is mostly associated with spirits and power of herbs they said to possess.

Witch 2.jpg

Further shading of head part, hair and little more on hat.

Malleus Maleficarum is a book published in Fifteenth century by Heinrich Kramer, the book is all about execution of Witches it seems and went for 29 re-prints second highest number of re-prints it seems first being Holy Bible

Witch 3.jpg

More shading for hair part and face with thicker outlining for appealing display.

There seems to be many prosecutions and cases on Witches mainly in America and European countries.

Witch 4.jpg

Shading of hairs further and body as we can see below.

Witch 5.jpg

And here comes the final part of this beautiful Witch. Look at her eyes, her hair and most importantly, that hat. Does she look like a Witch?

Witch Final.jpg


Thanks like every day to all of you who visit this blog and support thru votes and comments.

Wishing another good day to you all :)


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