Step by Step Sketch of Crucifixion of Jesus.

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Hello Friends,


It's been good few days since I started working on these art works with different themes including sketches and drawings with coloring.

Well, Jesus Christ was put on Crucifixion and that's what I have tried to sketch today.

Step 1 as below: Drawing outline of Crucifixion and body of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, as we all know, was a Jewish preacher and is the central point in Christianity.

Crucifixion 1.jpg

Shading of part of Crucifixion and face of Jesus.

When it comes outside of Christianity, Jesus Christ is believed even by Muslims as there is a mention about him in their Holy Book of Quran and is referred as Isa

Crucifixion 2.jpg

Further shading of Crucifixion and Body of Lord Jesus.

It is believed that Lord Jesus was born to a virgin by name Mary and is believed to be conceived by Holy Spirit.

Crucifixion 3.jpg

The last one here, fully shaded with those 2 nails on his hands visible to mark his Crucifixion.

The Last Supper beautifully depicts about the last meal Jesus Christ had with few other people just before the Crucifixion.

It's also believed that after Crucifixion, Jesus Christ rose from dead and ascended to Heaven.



I would like to thank each one of you who is constantly supporting my art works and other blogs and also for valuable suggestions.

Until next one, see you and be happy :)

Until then, Take care and be happy friends :)


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