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Guys, This is @crypto-caller from Bangladesh🇧🇩. I hope everyone is well by the mercy of almighty Allah. He is the only one who deserves all the praise. I am starting in the name of Allah.



Today I will tell you about a flower that is commonly seen in most parts of Bangladesh and many people find it at the gate of their home. Let's know some information about the flower. It looks a lot like a rose flower but the flower becomes a dew along the fish and bears small grains at the apex. The flower has four to five large petals and the petals are reddish in appearance and slightly curved at the back which greatly enhances the beauty of the flower. This flower spreads a lot of fragrance and the fragrance looks like a lot of perfume. There is a long history behind the naming of this flower which most of us do not know. However, the flower is very beautiful to look at and its fragrance is very good which is why everyone is planting.

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The machine you can see here is usually used for mowing the lawn. Grass is planted in different institutions to enhance their decoration. It is natural for grasses to grow naturally, but this machine is used for pruning. This machine is usually used in large field field but in case of small area also small tool is used in area. Let us know some information about this device. This device has four wheels attached to you and has a blade in the middle. The grass is usually the same size when the grass is cut with the blade facing downwards. I guess from my thoughts it could be grass-cutting-machine or something but I don't know what could be.

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The above content belongs to me. The content creator wishes you a happy & healthy life. Never give up your efforts. Hold on, hopefully you will succeed. A lot of thanks for your visit & presence.


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