My Digital Drawing of Enfys Nest from Solo

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Here is the awesome Enfys Nest ... isn’t she Beautiful.

Enfys Nest is a resistance fighter who led the Cloud-Riders, a band of pirates and rebel group that fought against the crime syndicate, Crimson Dawn. Nest's skills as a pirate earned her a reputation as an infamous marauder including in Crimson Dawn, who Nest and her Cloud-Riders actively fought against in retaliation for the atrocities Crimson Dawn had committed against them. Nest, who wore a battle helmet passed down to her from her mother, had run-ins with Crimson Dawn operative Tobias Beckett and his gang.

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These are a few of my Process Drawings




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Hello @daisyphotography

Excellent drawing friend, as always every day you bring a good publication, quality! Thanks for sharing.

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