My Digital Drawing of Garindan Ezz Zavor

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Here is my drawing of Garindan Ezz Zavor - A New Hope.

"Know what your problem is? Your problem is that your entire species thinks itself a sun around which the petty planets and moons spin, but really you're just another rock, doomed to ever orbit something grander but remain ignorant of your own insignificance."

―Garindan held a dim view of humans due to his negative experiences with them.

Garindan worked as a spy on Tatooine

Garindan ezz Zavor was a male Kubaz. While working as a spy on Tatooine, he wore a long black robe and hood. Goggles covered Garindan's eyes, and a metallic device covered Garindan's long snout.During the Imperial Era, Garindan initially had an optimistic view of the Galactic Empire and hoped to train a diplomat. However, Garindan became disillusioned with the Empire when he and his fellow Kubaz were forced to work as spies. As a result, Garindan harbored a deep hatred of the Empire and sought to free his people from Imperial rule.



These are my process drawings ....




 9 months ago 

Anti-Imperial fighter! Nicely drawn

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