My Digital pencil drawing of the Ewok from Return of the Jedi

in WORLD OF XPILAR10 months ago

Remember these furry little guys ? Who didn’t love the Cute little Ewoks from Return of the Jedi ?

Well, maybe not everyone loved them. Maybe not as cool as the At-At Snow Walkers from the Empire Strikes back but these characters did have a vicious side.

This is my digital Pencil drawing of the Ewok.


Here is my drawing process.





WOOPS, I forgot the ears. There, that’s better.


 10 months ago 

I remember the Return of the Jedi being a child in my first visits to a movie theater. I remember don't understanding anything but fascinated with all the fantastic Universe. Now I'm a fan of the Star Wars movies and series, not a hard core one, but I watched all of them even the last one December! Your work bring me a lot of good memories and also I'm admired for your technique!!

Nice work achieved with simple and strong line, you have perfectly caught the expression and lot of detail!!

Thanks for share your work in the World of Xpilar!!

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