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RE: Submit your daily nomination of a post from the World Of Xpilar community that deserves upvote from our Curation Trail (Nomination Day 59)

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Hey :) This is my suggestion today:

A lively post with great images sharing smart tips for macrophotographers.

We have many macro photography lovers living in tropical countries who are in search of ideas about what to shoot. Nature in Indonesia or Bangladesh is incredibly diverse but many people can't take images of all its beauty since they live in densely populated areas with not much to see. And they don't have money and time to travel far. The post can teach them how to easily attract and shoot night critters, like moths. In the tropics, they can be gorgeous ...

The upvotes can push the story up to get more public attention.



Your post has been nominated by @datych

Congratulations @qwerrie your post will receive
20% upvote from World of Xpilar Community Curation Trail

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