Insect on Beautiful Pink Flower

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Dear Steemians,

Behold the beauty of nature on pink flower with an insect, welcome to my blog; how was your day so far today? I want to believe you are doing good!!! Below photos I brought to your viewing using my my smartphone to captured it, while in the search for nature in this forest , this insect was early spotted on tridax flower, while i was about to captured this insect it took off from the flower and i do followed it up i later sighted it here, i slowly moved closer to captured it from behind; more photos taken are right here below.




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Camera UsedInfinix Note 8i

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Nice post, nice caption, nice flower: the flower is looking so beautiful..I'm glad its coming from my home country..

 5 months ago 

Thanks for your encouraging words..

Pink flowers look amazing.

 5 months ago 


I love the color of flowers, very beautiful. @davidad thanks for the constant support

 5 months ago 


"A beetle, a beetle!", my son yells @davidad!

 5 months ago 

Thanks for stopping by..