Lecture IV: Article to help you archive your goals in 2021 (10 Facts that could help on Steemit)

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Dear Steemians,

Today’s we are going to be talking about how you could archive your desire goals or in other words I am will be sharing to you us ways to reach your goals in Steemit Platform for 2021. Majority of us might be saying from the inner side of us that 2021 is already gone? But I tell you in few week to the new year many peoples will make it while some will be victims of unpalatable circumstances let today articles change your mid-set that it has never late, there are many opportunity more before the years run out.

As I earlier said, today article I will cover ways or things you can do to build your Steemit account. There are many ways to make it on here but only if you are real and not having bad intention; one of the things that could cause success to happen is consistence, good spirit and good and original content creator.


Steem Power:

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Investment is a very key ways by which one’s could make it within a very period of time or in the nearest future, depending on the type of investment which you table your money on. Now Steem Power; having read from the previous post: Lecture III here you could see what Steem Power is or what is really means. Invest in your Steem Power allows you to earn bigger curation rewards and allow you to upvote people’s contents that you feel it deserve to be support or upvote.

Steem Power, also shows to other people who have been on the platform since day one or so called higher rank Steem Power which is called WHALES. This could also show to peoples how serious someone is on the platform since or for the long time by invest back to the platform. If you are trying to build your account, go ahead and do that because you are about to be making a good move towards investing on Steem. In Otherworld, you are investing in yourself and you could earn curation reward which is like plus to your investment.


Post Daily:

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Post daily or several times per week is not a bad ideal at all as long as your content is original and of good quality. I can’t stress this enough. A lot of people want to post once per week, perhaps as result of busyness outside of the platform, and think they are going build up their Steemit Account. That is not going to happen, you need to doing this daily in order to have sometime to redeem at the seventh day of the week. If not on a few times on a week and that will depend on what categories you choose or your subject. You need to keep your content coming along for your audience. A good example: if you plant or berry a seed of any grain, few days later, it will sprout out, but if you don’t berry any seed or grain, what do you think will sprout out? That is how important to get yourself engage in categories of activities here for you to continue build your Steem Power.


Good Headline:

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Good Headline: irresistibly headlines is one of the reason I respected social blogger or newspapers, they possess that skills that could make you interested to read their article or paper; they will design the back pages which will be interesting to read, it will definitely attracted your attention, same here you need to develop or given your content a good healing that could make people to stop by and check out your blog or contents out. Creating irresistible headline could help very well here, you need to be mindful of your headline. Headline is very important in blogging and in almost everything that is the most important part because the is the first things peoples or others will first see, that way could prompt them to click through to read more or skip the post; that is most important to write irresistibly headlines.


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Proofread your Articles:

It is very important to proofread your article at first, so where it calls for editing or adding of words could be done to make everything make sense to the reader. Proofread your post where it needed editing or addition of alphabet, ensure that everything is perfect before posting your content, how can you go about this you ask? Well very simple, is like a student who is trying to solve algebra mathematics but didn’t get the steps very well, it has to go through the process/steps to see where the problem or mistake was made; Same as here, make sure you going over everything, especially if you are a good writer. Make sure your sentence structures are correct.


Pick Good Tag:

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Picking a good tag is very important which could aid more visibility when you correct tag or right tag, ensure that you are choosing your tags wisely, pick the best categories to use with your post. Remember you are to use five tag or more on every single post, even if you have to make up a tag you don’t even know like creating one for your post, but the keys point is that you should use the correct tag for your post to be seen by other who could give their voice/vote to you. Make sure you use five correct tag that is going to help your article to get visibility it going to help people find it easy too.


Engage with your following and take suggestions.

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Take suggestion on what people wanting to hear or read about your post. People took time to comments on your post, so ensure that you take your time to talk/replied them on your post. Who knows someone suggestion might put you on the right tract of success here on Steemit. Taking peoples opinion or suggestion could really help you a lot. Sometime ago, when I got here, I do post series of things, ofcourse everyone has wha we called the past, Snr. @xpilar will came and gave some advices and suggestion which I need to follow since I see that it is for best. You may also, met people like that too, mind you, don’t look down anyone, the person you think is lower in power might actually be the one to help your work here. Take advices and suggestion, digest it and make a correction if need be, and you will see how it will turn.


Rewards your Following.

At least to comments on someone post, you must have noticed some quality in that specific post, take time to appreciate peoples comments or their complimentary words towards your blog, it won’t be bad if you reward peoples that comments on your post, it will encourage them more to do more and you going to be proud because they noticed your effort and good work. A sign of appreciation is very needed toward people’s comments on your post. Lastly, response to every comments if you can and let them know that you appreciate their comments.


Help Others Steemians:

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Is this possible you ask because you have no Steem Power yet? Well as early said everyone has the past, but know this clearly that you can still help a colleague grow on the platform, you must be wondering how you can go about it?

  • You can curate contents and help other Steemians

  • You can Re-Steem a colleague Post to help their post visible to others

  • You can begin going through other post, make comments or suggestion

  • You can give them support through your voting/voice given

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  • You can submit their good work to a curation support programme for them to receive massive support from curation team which could put smile on their face.

Above all, you need to share love here that is how you can grow, you never know who could help you too, always be good to peoples and support them.


Participate in Contests:

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This is one of the ways by which you grow fast on Steemit, When I joined back then in 2017, I vividly remember I participated in uncountable of contest, which help me to make friends, connected with other members too. Get yourself participate in contest will help you a lot, so start contest on your community games/competition it will help you to get notice or could earn you reputation or connection to others. There are series of contests on the World of Xpilar (WOX) and other community too, try and participate to get notice and connected with others, at WOX: we have lot of ongoing/active contest you can join and who know you could be lucky to win, Nature Photography, Funny Photos Photography, Food Photography, Black and White Photography, Story Writing or Imagination/Description about Digital Art Design, and many more, try and take part.


Don’t just Focus on the Money Alone:

Ofcourse, Money is important none is dispute that, but there are important things you must not lose because you want money and that is REPUTATION: Don’t let anything hurt your reputation, If you are so caught up in just the money alone and you are just want upvotes from peoples, you may lose sight of what is important. You are going to lose sight of the great contents which you want to putting out there for peoples. So be cautions; If you are not putting great contents but your focus only on MONEY, then you will lose it all, You are to focused on what to contribute to earn you good reputation; then rewards will be smile on your face. Try and communicating with your followers to avoid being lose. Don’t let love of money take out future from you, focus more on good and great contents which could earn you rewards later in the future.

Thanks for stopping by on my blog.



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Thanks for the continue support, keep the good work going...



Thanks for this post!! have a nice day!!

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Thanks for reading, hopefully it will help many Steemians especially the newbies


Dear @davidad, you have taught me a lot and it's still fresh in my memory, you're indeed a leader.
Your post has said it all .
We will be better soon
Thanks for keeping this coming..

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Thanks for the compliment, glad to hear about the lecture really helpful.. the purpose are to help others grow too and good this is impactful..



I'm glad, thank you sir..

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I think it is necessary to make a manual from such articles and put links to it in constant access, for example in the description of the community.

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Good suggestion!!! 😊


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👍 thanks..

Hi @davidad,

#ContestAlerts publish active contests on the platform daily. I would appreciate it if you could include that in the "Participate in Contests" section of this great article. I believe many new steemians will be benefited from it.


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Excelente publicación, gracias por compartir todas esos tips, buen trabajo amiga. Iremos mejorando en el camino con todas esas sugerencia. Agradecida

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Very good educational article, I love reading it.

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Good to hear you find value in this post..



Thanks, good job.

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