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RE: Contest Winners Announcement: Funny Photo's Contest on Steemit Week II

in WORLD OF XPILAR5 months ago

Hehehe.... Glad you back on with your support & to continue laughing hehe...

On Wednesday, the contest will be on air again heheh..




ok davidad ....:) ...:)

@davidad ...cek you wallet ok..

 5 months ago 

Oh I see it... Thanks for the continue support, next competition I can see it will be more fun as many peoples will join the contest heheh..

You and @xpilar will see laughable submission and pick the best 3 winners out... .sound fun already hehe.... 🤠

We haven't laughed in a long time
keep doing @davidad
@xpilar and I am behind you

Good luck @davidad

 5 months ago 

Thank you my friend.... I hold your back too hehe... I am running towards you both..,🤓 hehehe.

hehehehe 🤓🤓🤓