Weekly Contest. "DRAWING, Week #3" Girl Dressing hair by @dentil

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Hello Everyone, my name is Matilda but most of my friends call me Tilly. I am from Ghana. I am new to steemit. I joined two days ago. I love drawing and painting besides other interesting stuff that I can do. I love dancing, reading, writing, listening to music and swimming. I was encouraged to join this community so that I can put my art skills to proper use. I saw this contest and decided to partake in it. Sincerely speaking, I had to look at other people's submissions before understanding the exact thing that was required of me beside the general guidelines or rules to this contest. I hope you like it.

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Thank You.


Greetings friend @dentil

Nice job, always taking care of the female image nice drawing.

Thank you for your entry to the contest.

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