Flowers as an expression of love, Rose.

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Hi buddy everyone ..
How are you today, and good morning to those of you in the Southeast Asia region, I hope you are all in good health, at this meeting, I will present some pictures of roses.

Roses are identical to flowers as an expression of love for someone to his lover, not infrequently certain days such as valentine's day, many people buy roses as an expression of affection for his idol.


The uniqueness of roses is that one can bloom in any season, winter, summer, etc. Of course, to achieve good results we still have to take care of it, watering and fertilizing regularly, on the other hand the rose is also very good for human health and safe for consumption, because there is one content that is good for human endurance.

Roses have a very calm, sweet aroma, so don't be surprised if they are used to make perfumes and aromatherapy.

Do you know because of its beauty, roses in the states of the United States such as Lowa, North Dakota, Georgia, and New York, using roses as national flowers, whereas in England, roses are the official flowers of the United Kingdom.



That's a little discussion, about roses on this occasion, I hope you are interested in roses, stay motivated, stay safe, stay home, protect our families from the corona virus pandemic and have a nice day.


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