How to eradicate weeds naturally without chemicals.

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Hi Xpilar ...
How are you all day, I hope you are all in good health, well after a few days ago I made a post about how to eradicate weeds in a natural way, namely by sprinkling salt, and now I have a second alternative that I have tried. with satisfying results.

Talking about weeds is the one we hate the most, because besides disturbing other plants, weeds also have a dirty impression if growing between plants that we care for, this makes everyone not want weeds to grow between plants, thus we certainly looking for ways to eradicate it, namely by cutting or spraying with substances that contain chemicals.



To avoid the use of chemicals that can damage the environment and human health, the natural way we can do besides using salt is by using vinegar.

We all know that this liquid with acid content is known to eradicate weeds with a one-time use, you must be confused about how to use this vinegar to eradicate grass, the steps to do is, we must first mix the vinegar with ordinary liquid soap we use to wash the dishes, then mix these two ingredients until blended with stirring or in other ways, When the two ingredients have been mixed evenly, then we start spraying the solution on the weeds that we want to eradicate, you need to remember we are only compressing the leaves only no need to spray the roots, the cause of the death of grass is because the content of acetic acid contained in vinegar will kill the weeds slowly but surely, and the function of the soap is as a adhesive vinegar on the leaves of grass that we want to eradicate.



That's the way you can do it naturally in getting rid of weeds, stay safe, stay home, protect our families from the corona virus pandemic and have a nice day.

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