Mobile rice rollers, serving residents during the pandemic.

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Hi xpilar lovers ...
Back to my post this time, I tried to display some pictures of the rice mill machine, this machine was not made in a factory, but only an assembly machine made by ordinary people, but very useful for everyone in my place of residence.




Maybe for us who live in the region of Asia, almost all countries where people make rice, as a staple food, and for the Southeast Asia region, the economic sector of its citizens is in the agricultural sector, one of which is planting rice, like where I live the majority of the work of the villagers are farmers, those who work in the fields for income really help them in the family economy, because in addition to selling their rice harvest, it is also stored at home as a rice stock for them to eat.




During the corona virus pandemic, with restrictions on all activities of citizens by the government, maybe the people in the place are not too worried about running out of food such as rice, because the rice stocks they store are sufficient for several months consumed by their families, and to process rice into rice, the community does not need to worry also with the existence of an innovation of citizens, who created a machine that can process rice into rice, just call from home, the owner of the machine will serve every citizen from door to door, so people just have to wait at home.



That's a little story about my post this time, stay at home, stay safe, keep our families from the danger of corona virus and have a nice day.

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