Overview of parasites and benefits of parasites for health.

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Understanding parasites.

Parasites (Loranthus) is a type of plant that usually hitches a ride on other plants and has the property of sucking food from the plant it is riding on, parasites are also obligate plants which are types of plants that live and grow on the stems of other plants. Parasites can usually be found easily on trees that are already large in tropical climates, the seeds of this plant will produce the sap in the form of glue or sticky jelly.

Parasites usually absorb food from the host tree, so that it can harm the host of the tree in which it lives, and if left parasites can grow rapidly and many, so that it can cause the host plant to thin and eventually dry and die by itself. This parasitic plant distribution pattern occurs with the assistance of birds, this is because if birds eat fruit and seeds and then excrete in certain tree branches, the sticky seeds will stick to the branches or tree trunks and will then germinate, and begin to grow young parasites.



Health benefits of parasites

1. Helps treat cancer.

We all know that cancer is one of the diseases that are harmful to the human body, therefore parasites can be used as natural medicine because in plants parasites contain flavonoids that can help to treat cancer, according to what I read in a medical book, There Is A research in Europe that has examined the content of parasites that can be used as a drug to cure cancer.

2.Killing tumor cells

Besides being useful for treating cancer, plant parasites can also be used to kill tumor cells in the human body, plant parasites also have ingredients that can help to prevent enlargement of tumor cells in the human body and kill tumor cells which can be a trigger for occurrence malignant cancer. So even though parasites are other plant-disturbing plants, but there are many benefits contained therein.

3.Helps treat epilepsy.

According to the book I read parasites are believed to be able to treat epilepsy, this is because the content contained in plant parasites, Europeans in the 16th century often used it as a natural remedy that is useful for treating epilepsy. Consumption of parasites on a regular basis can help people with epilepsy to control their own bodies.

4.Relieve dizziness.

Other benefits obtained from parasites are to relieve dizziness, parasites can be used as an alternative medicine to relieve dizziness, and by consuming parasites when dizzy regularly, the dizziness will gradually subside.

Those are some of the benefits of parasites that are useful for the health of the human body.

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