The beauty of dew in a rose

in WORLD OF XPILAR4 months ago


Hi xpilar lovers ...
How are you all, I hope all are in good condition and healthy, and for you in sick condition I pray that you will get well soon, and be able to move back to normal.

Well, for this post I get a picture, a rose growing in my home page, and the time of shooting is also very appropriate, because it is still morning, seen the beautiful morning dew drawn together with the beauty of the rose.


Dew is one type of water through the evaporation process, from this evaporation process there is a gas and produces water.



Dew can usually be found in the morning, before the sun is hot, dew is seen in plants, such as grass, flowers and leaves on trees.

that's a little about the beauty of dew that I got this morning, stay safe, stay home, and have a nice day.

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