The holy dew

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Water group that can be used for ablution in Islam.


Hi xpilar lovers ..
How are you all today, prayers and hopes are always prayed for sure, hopefully we are always in good health and always in the protection of Allah.

In this beautiful morning atmosphere, I will display some of the beauty that is given by Allah to us through this nature, which is the beauty of water that is sacred to us Muslims,Ie dew water



Dew is one type of water that is classified as a type of steam, namely the process of water undergoing the process of condensation or the process of changing gas into a liquid called dew, usually we can see dew in the morning, dew is also easy to get in places like, between -a glass window or behind leaves or plants that are around us, dew water for people who are Muslims is classified as a type of water that is "holy-purifying" because that is the legal dew used for ablution, and there are several other types of water that can used or legitimate for ablution namely snow, lake, or river, the process of the dew usually occurs after rain or in the morning before exposure to sunlight.




That's a little about the beautiful and holy morning that is dew, I hope all friends like it, and thank you for those who have read it, do not forget also I apologize if there is something wrong in writing words on this post, stay safe, stay home, protect our families from the corona virus pandemic and have a nice day.

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