The positive role of flies that you might not know about?

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Who doesn't know flies? I think we are all familiar and close to the type of insects called flies, hearing flies surely we will imagine something dirty, and carrier of disease for us humans, but you need to know that flies have many positive roles or both in the health sector and in the industry sector. In this world, flies consist of various types of species, and not all of these flies are insects that can harm humans, but that does not mean there are not, indeed there are several types of flies that we must be aware of because they can cause various diseases for humans, both those infectious or non-communicable, as we know Flies transmit several diseases including diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, typhoid, bird flu, liver damage, itching of the skin,polio virus, hepatitis virus, sinus,intestinal infections,poisoning,vomiting, vomiting,intestinal worms , scarlatina,gastric infection and others, this is caused by the anatomical shape of the body which has a lot of hair so that the germs can easily cling and spread quickly.


In addition, flies also have a different way of eating, that is, they spit on their food first until the food they spit becomes liquid, then after it is sucked into their stomach, this is the identification as a way of germs entering into the fly's body and then infecting livestock. like chickens, because of these things,flies can harm humans, many of us assume that flies are animals that do not have an important role,so assume the extinction of flies is one thing that is desired by humans, but you need to know that the fly is one animals that have a very important role in the ecosystem.


We must all realize that the extinction of a creature will have a profound impact on the global ecosystem, and if flies become extinct, the impact will be clearly seen that will reduce the number of populations of insectivorous animals such as lizards, geckos and other insect eaters, and the effect of that will make them endangered, which in turn will affect existing webs or food chains, and besides we must know that without flies there will be no pollination, such as flies from the family bombyliidae and syrphidae, which greatly benefit farmers.


Apart from all that, flies also have a very important role in the process of decomposing waste, and manure, be it human excrement, as well as animal dung, as well as waste other than worms and bacteria, the presence of flies is also very influential to reduce the amount of waste that is on earth, if we compare it with other decomposers, such as worms or larvae, the role of flies has an advantage because the movement of flies that are not only limited to the ground, flies can move freely because they have wings to fly, for that is the fly we know as dirty insects and carriers the disease becomes a hero as a parser.

That is the positive side of flies that you might not know about, thank you for those of you who have read, and apologize if there are errors in writing, thank you.


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