Landscape photography – The many faces of an island (Rapa Nui /Easter Island 20 photos)

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When I was in Chile last year, I included a visit to Easter Island. The main reason was the large statues and all the mysteries that have preoccupied archaeologists and historians for years. This small, isolated island does have many faces. There must be hundreds of large statues and faces carved in stone, spread around the island. But apart from the archeological sites, the island also has a varied landscapes, despite the size, which is 24 km. in length and only 12 km. wide.

Part of the coast is rocky, but in the north there is also a beach with white sand and palm trees. I read somewhere that the palm trees were imported from another Polynesean island. The beach has an archeological sites as well.

One week gave enough time to visit the most important archeological sites and time to hike in the countryside. I have allready done a post about the island with focus on the places we had visited. Here I have chosen to focus on landscape photography, not archeology.

Away from the coast, there is beautiful, green countryside. The highest point is an extinct volcano (507 m), which was a long hike, but the view kept getting better all the time.

But the island is like a living museum and no matter where we went for a hike, it was inevitable that we also came across statues and archeological sites.

The most dramatic scenery is without any doubt Rano Kao. It's possible to walk around the craterrim. The crater lake is filled with floating totora reeds. It is huge and impossible to get the whole crater in the picture.The film might give a better idea of how large is is. When I learned how many hikes it's possible to do, I realized I should have stayed longer.

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