The Xpilar Community Deserves the Best

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Incredibly positive energy is felt in this community, all users are full of enthusiasm. Yesterday I gave one idea that @sultan-aceh did, a design for a 100% natural healthy energy supplement. The future is always beautiful when people are cooperative when they create together a unique and beautiful value. When it connects nicely and usefully then we get perfect, that’s the path that leaders create. The feeling that you are supported, that your work is adequately rewarded, that you are active and that you help others, is what raises the morale of the entire Steem ecosystem.



The point is that everything can be connected, users, artists, developers, designers, sellers, manufacturers, products, services, etc. Where there is a will, there are ways. My idea was to support the World of Xpilar Community with this, to show that true values ​​and friendship are priceless. It is not easy to be a true leader, to support the community and users, requires enormous energy, hard work and above all a person who is not greedy, who helps others from the heart.

This community deserves to have 100,000 users, I am sure that in 20 days the number of users can double, it is very simple if we sincerely want it. Invite all your friends, explain to them, ask them to be part of this community. There are over 731 active users who write posts, each of you should bring 10 new users, it is your duty, responsibility and obligation to the people who support you.


It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top


See you on the top@dobartim
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We win togetherWelcome to Steem Schools
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Thank you @dobartim for the kind words about me and my team in the World of Xpilar Community.

There are probably not many who know how much work we all put in per week in our local community. That is why it is very nice that you make such a great post about us, it gives energy to read it.
Great photos @ sultan-aceh has produced of energy drink in bottles

I know that you run your own business with health food and part of your production is kombucha.
I have been making kombucha for home use, it was a few years since I made it. now I have started up again and the first batch was finished 14 days ago. And now I have got several new mushrooms from the first batch and have 7 liters soon finished.

I need the energy that kombucha gives when I work so many hours every day with the Steem community :)

 2 months ago 

Kombucha is great for health, Kombucha Extract is 50 times concentrated Kombucha Tea. It's beautiful to grow it, it's very healthy. I want to support this beautiful community, the people.

 2 months ago 

That made me smile to see that label of the bottle. Who knows few years later many people will hear Xpilar more often. I also agree the community deserve to be on the Top!

 2 months ago 

See you at the top my dear @stef1

 2 months ago (edited)

Thank you for your enthusiasm and positive energy @dobartim :)
Together we will win!
See you at the top :)

 2 months ago 

We are real family - See you at the top

Greetings my friend @dobartim

Thank you very much for supporting World Of Xpilar, from my side, you can count on me to generate activities that benefit the Steemit platform, as it is like our home, our meeting point, our family.

In our team, we are convinced to employ ourselves for the benefit of all and with the best intention in the world.

Once again I thank you for the support shown towards the World Of Xpilar community.

Let's move forward

 2 months ago 

We win together

I like your slogan we win together!!

 2 months ago 


I totally agree with your idea @dobartim. This world of xpilar community is amazing. Here we can feel the warmth of togetherness when I join this community. As a new user, I really felt guidance after I was recruited by @sultan-aceh.

Fatigue due to lectures that have many assignments sometimes makes me very lazy to make posts. However @sultan-aceh always reminded me, aware me to always make posts.

"We are the people who invest with time, by making posts and the results are what you feel" that's the argument @sultan-aceh. Because I am the one who will enjoy the results of my investment here, it makes me aware of that.

I may not know all the knowledge about Steemit, but I got some of the information right away. Nothing is hidden for the sake of developing new users. Inviting my friends here is my dream for the umpteenth time. Try your best for them and for the community.

 2 months ago 

See you at the top

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I totally agree with what you are saying here sir @dobartim, you have a brilliant idea, always success sir

 2 months ago 

See you at the top

of course sir, thank you very much

Great information I read...

 2 months ago 

Be active

Yeah, you are absolutely right.World of xpilar community is truly the best,What's more with @sultan-aceh who never give up in maintaining his members from @aceh-team,He invites and educates his members to be successful.
Thank you @sultan-aceh, you are working with Mr @dobartim.Hopefully we will always be together and always be successful.

 2 months ago 

@xpilar Number 1


Sometimes life is very difficult, it takes a struggle to get the best out of us who choose which way we go.
Likewise on this platform which way we are headed ..
A very good opinion that you give.

 2 months ago 

See you at the top

I hope the wordofxpilar community will progress ... we as members feel very helpful and feel excited about working at wordofxpilar.

 2 months ago 

Bea active and bring new users

together we will definitely add progress and develop, hopefully in the future it will be more developed

 2 months ago 

I am sure

His belief is the main asset. good luck always

When we can work together and help each other, then success will arise and be born in a relationship, that's how the conditions and situations have been born from the support and direction of senior @sultan-aceh.

 2 months ago 

Be positive - Be active - Bring new users and Power Up

Power Up is the main essence in the steemit platform, I will increase it even if it's a small amount..

 2 months ago 

Great decision


Oh hoo nice post . I will definitely invite your friends and try to explain everything to use the community Thank you for sharing the beautiful post.

 2 months ago 

Great move