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There is a big difference between word and deed, if we are loyal somewhere then we need to follow the example of a leader like @xpilar. You write posts to make money, you invest your time to be active, to show your creativity and to get more followers. @xpilar is a real example that with its actions shows that it supports all loyal users, those who are honest. The other part of the story is that the Steem Power he has is limited, that he can’t help everyone. I see a lot of users doing a power down, I can understand that someone from Venezuela has a monthly salary of $ 5 and they need money, they can understand that people need food, basic things to live on and they do it. I can't understand two things, that someone who earns 1000 and more dollars works 100% power down, or takes all his earnings that are in SBD, especially when he lives in a country where he needs very little money for a normal life. The point is that business and success are a matter of habit, that it is a process that contains a way of thinking because entrepreneurship requires great discipline if we want to succeed in life. When someone is there for a long time, and when he doesn't do Power Up, it means to me that he is selfish, that he relies only on others who give money, vote, invest. We all have needs, dreams, desires and ambitions, but great success cannot be achieved in an easier way with the help of tricks.


There are two types of leadership, leadership where leaders give and leadership where leaders take. The real leaders are the ones who give, which means that all of you who are loyal users of the World of Xpilar community should give to others, to be a real example for all those who are new, who want to achieve success. You need to do POWER UP with your earnings, you need to be a part of the future, vision and success. Many would now tell me that they cannot do that, that they have the necessary obligations, debts, investments, living needs. I can tell you from personal experience that I started from $ 0, that I was a millionaire, that I went to the bottom and below with a debt of $ 250,000, that I became successful again. It is not easy to be financially disciplined, to give up pleasures that are often just a waste of time and money. I also like a nice life, a good $ 100,000 car, but the point is that the rich spend money on passive income, not on earned money. We need to put our goals on paper, to start changing our way of thinking in the short term. We need to do a strategy that will help us reach 100,000 Steem Power, of course, that is a long-term goal, for a start, 10,000 is a great goal. If someone invites 100 new users to World of Xpilar, and constantly takes off the money earned - Power Down, he is an example to everyone to do the same. If someone reinvests their earned money in Steem Power, then he is an example to everyone he has brought to do the same.

Imagine 1000 users to start with this way of working, to reach 10,000 Steem in one year, that means you have a power of 10,000,000 Steem Power, that is much more than what you have now. That means you can have a community of 100,000 users instead of 5,700 users, that's the real goal. The other part of the success story is to guarantee that in that way you can earn much more than you are earning now. Imagine that as a leader who has proven himself, everyone gives you 100% per post per week, which means that you have the vote and support of 10 million Steem Power. This is just the beginning, because when you have 100,000 users, then you can do big business, offer your services, products, you can create joint projects that will bring great success and big money to everyone. Team and true leadership always win, this man, leader, true gentleman @xpilar deserves you to follow him, and you have the responsibility, duty and obligation to enrich his support with personal example and Power Up.


It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top


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@dobartim you are very good at writing so that everyone understands, I thank you for the great post.
I have said many times to people here on steem that what you want yourself you must also want for others. Without it, no one will succeed.
In a closed hand nothing comes.
Many people here at steem do not yet understand what they are involved in, but only see dollars when the price goes up

 2 months ago 

You are absolutely right, you are perhaps the person who gives the most of all on the whole Steemit, I wanted everyone to see it clearly in this post.

 2 months ago 

Hi @dobartim, that is something that I am feeling all the time. I just can't understand people, who are keen to have good payout on their posts but they do not use this earned power to get stronger and more independent.

We all have to think that this is an investment and people do not take their saving from saving account every month but leave there to grow.

Our community is exists only because of good will and social engagement of Xpilar, without him the community would not exist. Look around how many "whales" are left on Steem now and how many we did have before.

This is something we have to think. Thank you for this post, 100% agree with you :)

 2 months ago 

There are few true leaders, but that doesn’t mean someone needs to be a whale to be a leader, all together as a team we can become as strong as whales.

 2 months ago 

Agree, there should be a core that will have the same aim that they all go together, good said :)

 2 months ago 

Only together can we progress towards great success, everything else is an individual interest without a common great goal.

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I agree with your argument @dobartim about leadership, a successful leader, in my opinion, a leader who is firm in principles and professional in his decisions, a successful leader is also capable and can fix other people with his dedication and upbringing ...

 2 months ago 

Welcome to the club

That's what @aceh-team will do.
For the sake of helping the #worldofxpilar community.
Cooperation is still very much needed here ..

 2 months ago 

We win together

Yeah, that's wonderful.

 2 months ago 


Your welcome.