Another picture that will become a miniature for Patrion)

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Another picture that will become a miniature for Patrion)

It remains to draw the third and that's it - the design is ready)

Everything got dirty ... to bathe the folder again 😁 the folder will of course be "glad", but buys nothing))

I wanted to draw a scene like this in a comic: a bathtub, a lot of foam, restless children and a folder covered in soapy foam)

So probably this art will be))) And the fight will be due to the fact that David will show how to inflate soap bubbles with the help of a straw, White will succeed, but Roy will not - because of the structure of the muzzle. To which Roy will be offended and snatch at White's ass, and then there is a lot of small - water, bubbles, foam. There is no dry thread on David .. but then they will make up)

As small children, all the more the Xenos are dexterous, nimble - like monkeys and can almost snatch them ... and it's good if a little one snaps - but I can hardly survive a big one ...

Some photos of my collection of figurines


Its been a long time since Ive last seen your work.

I always enjoyed seeing you on my feed. You always have some quality posts that are upvote worthy. Its great to see that your still on Steemit! I just recently got back on myself, I missed it.