Close-up graphics

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It was not hard to guess that I would come to the topic of close-up graphics. In general, all my ideas, themes, plots, sooner or later, come down to graphics. Well, since it happened, then you need to show what happened.

This photo could have been posted with a comment like: guess what is in the photo.

Shown here is an asphalt brush that is located on a conventional tractor.

And this is freshly laid asphalt.

And this is the surface when cutting off the asphalt layer.

It is too.

Is this a close-up? But also the graphics!

The close-up chain may be a little further away from the graphics, but it still looks conceptual.

And now there will be shown a series of pictures of fishing nets, photographed сlose-up.

That's where the real graphics are. And this cannot be avoided in any way.

How else can you capture a large fishing net?

It turns out that sometimes graphics can be useful for practical purposes.

I mean, graphic plots can be applied somewhere.

It can be a photo reportage, an illustration in a magazine, a booklet.