Dilapidated Vologda. Work & Vetoshkin Streets

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This is all the same quarter with dilapidated wooden two-story apartment-type barracks. This time houses on Vetoshkin and Work streets will be shown.
The houses here are of the same type as in the last post.

The barn is so long that it looks like it takes up the entire length of the block. A good solution for residents, where you can place a storage warehouse, a bathhouse, a garage and a woodshed. Also, a barn can serve as a natural fence instead of a ordinary fence.

The driveway in the barracks' yards corresponds to the image: ordinary soil, rolled to a slight degree of mud.

Concrete blocks serve as a barrier from the through driveway.

And in one of the courtyards, traffic is limited by the sign "No traffic".

As an introduction, I walked around this quarter exactly a year ago. Now I'm documenting in a new way.

At this point, Vetoshkin Street runs parallel to the railway.

The authorities were instructed to demolish the dilapidated and dilapidated houses that were resettled by the end of the year. The program works and together with it I also have to work more quickly in order to have time to capture everything at home.

But as I said, I do not shoot specifically buildings and structures as a fact, but the atmosphere.

These can be general views of the yard, sheds, garages, or even some of their details.

It is also interesting to capture the combination of new stone buildings with old barracks.

Now these houses are characterized with devastation, decay, decay (and all such synonyms), but time will pass and, perhaps (I would very much like), my photographs will be shown in the future, as now the photos of Tsarist Russia by Proskudin-Gorsky show.

An important fact is that with the help of photography it is possible to convey not only the depicted object, but also the frequency (measurement) in which it is located.

Have you ever had such a thing that while looking through some photos on the Internet, you stopped for a long time and could not understand why it was so fond of her? It can be absolutely any even unsuccessful photo, but it is somehow catchy.

It means that some frequency has hit the photo, to which you were able to connect. All this is there, everything works and this is just ordinary physics, which for some reason is not taught at school.

And also a lot depends on the photographer. It is very important with what mood you photographed this or that object. This can also be transmitted through photography.

From watching one of my filming of dilapidated housing, I just feel bad, just as it was bad during the shooting itself. And on the contrary, I want to look at other pictures, despite the fact that the same barracks are depicted there. Miracles! No, it's just physics...