Large-scale close-up

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For a long time there was nothing with close-ups, and in the meantime, work with them continues. The reportage about the old railway was simply too voluminous, and it stole almost two weeks of time.

Close-ups can be interpreted in different ways. They can start practically at macro and end at large scales.

A fragment can be called a close-up in architecture.

These are all close-ups!

Details, fragments ... they should look like a complete composition and be an independent frame, independent of a series of others.

Among professional photographers, it is believed that a series is a weakness, an inability to make a shot independently. But we live in a modern world and trends are changing, so the series is no longer considered bad manners.

But you still need to try to make the frames independent.

 9 months ago 

I particularly enjoyed the series on the railroad and all the stories and characters involved, great way to narrate the atmosphere and experiences of the place. These frames are great also, on every one is discovered new information of the whole sight!

Thanks for share on the *World of Xpilar!!

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