Sharing my Brad Pitt Portrait

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Today I'll like to share with you a sketch I've been anticipating for about a week now. The sketch holds the frame of popular Hollywood star Brad Pitt. Growing up, this dude was a very big hero in my home. My uncle celebrated him a lot and somehow I did and still do too. He has appeared in quite a number of Blockbusters from Fight club, Ocean's Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen, The Mexican, to 2004's - Troy. So I've decided to give this screen hero an honorary portrait. I won't do my usual analysis today, I'll just leave you to take it all in;







You can find the image here

Materials used for this sketch were 6 and 10B pencils.

Thanks for stopping by guys, see you tomorrow.

 last month 

Brad Pitt is without a doubt a great actor, maybe he had a bad season, but he works hard in the construction of his characters! This is an awesome portrait sharing the great gift of the talent as the same model, and nice homage!!

Thanks for share on the World of Xpilar!!

I'll like to suggest you check out "Once upon a time in Hollywood" if you've not seen it.

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