ATMOSPHERE OF LOVE - [Attached Love]

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Hello Steemians! I'm a creative writer and here is a poem I wrote this afternoon.
During the raining hours of the day, I picked up my pen to write down this lines. I Hope you like it!



I need you to look at me with those eyes,
I don't want you to stop.
It sends me on a thousand miles,
I don't wish to break and flop.

Hold me tight sweetness and don't let me go.
In your arms I long to be even a day after forever.
I know what we share is not even a show
so we aren't going to let it sever.

I want you to kiss me so bad it hurts.
Am all for you, head to toe.
I'll kiss you from your hair to your cleavage.
And to the line that runs through your back.

I can't get enough of you
My whole being screams more...
I feel your lips are yummy, I will have to chew...
I'm all your forever and that's sure.

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