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Beauty has a reflection and it's reflection is shown by a much stronger force with the ability to display.
Each day, the sun tends to rise but we can't see the much impact of light if it hasn't shone on something transparent.
The mirror has been used over the years to create a physical copy of how someone or something may look but let's take it back to where it all started. It all begin with nature.


Can you see how beautiful it is, to have the clouds been clothed by the shinning of the sun which makes light visible to the earth.
No one could imagine how peaceful it is, when the sun goes down each day. The hotness begins to fade away and the intensity start's been less. Taking a close look at the reflection of it has upon the waters, will give you a clue of how important the sun is to nature and the unremovable glue between the two forces of nature.

The water is calm in the evening, creating the sweet sensation of nature's bounty calmness. The calm way it flows is a sign of peace and the the free movement is a sign of freedom.
Nature is a free gift which makes nature free. The horizons do not limit the waters from flowing because by it flowing lies the true force of nature.
When it flows in the evening, it has the calm sun rays shinning on it, truly water is the true natural gift of reflection.

The evening is a cool on at this point, a meeting point of the earth and the sky jointly connecting to form nature's biggest view of courage and beauty.
Oh, how lovely is the sight I behold because it makes a tentative view of what my Bible says that "everything God made is beautiful."


So beautifully beautiful 🥰

To @xpilar, having created this creative community @worldofxpilar and pulling Steemians together through contest like such and having them develop their skills, learn and grow.

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Beautiful story

Thank you @francis-duruji

I'm grateful you like it.