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Eve's sin.png

Hey Everyone!

I haven't posted here for a long time, I've been so distracted and distant, trying to clarify my ideas about art. In fact I have quit my job to dedicate myself full time to what I love to do the most, and I must say that it is one of my best decisions, I completely love art.

This work, is referred to copcetually, to the moment when Eva was tempted by the snake, I have loved working on this because it is a very seductive art and shows feminine beauty in this aspect.

I have been studying how to draw the human body, I have focused more on the female body, this is one of the first works of art made.

It is tokenized in Ghostmarket


Technical information:

I use the IbisPaint X application.
I work with an Huion H320M tablet.
Phone: Yezz Max 1 Plus.
Drawing Dimensions: 2014x2244 pixels

Process of Drawing:
Francisftlp-step 1.pngFrancisftlp-step 2.png
Francisftlp-step 3.pngFrancisftlp-step 4.png
Francisftlp-step 5.pngFrancisftlp-step 6.png

Finished Drawing:

Eve's sin.png

Temptation is one of the most difficult things in life, and from the beginning it has existed in our history, Eve was tempted by the serpent and that is why she sinned with disobedience.
Have you been tempted today?


If you want to see more of my art, you can access here

I say goodbye not without first thanking you for being here and supporting my work. I sincerely hope that you liked the drawing.

Until next time!



 8 months ago 

Amazing! )

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Hi Francis, it is nice to see you back, such beautiful digital Art :)

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Good to see you back! 😄

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