Jinbe´s replica of Ace's novel drawn by boichi - trying to draw like boichi.

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It has been a lot of time since I last drew some anime character, I am a big fan of One Piece and recently there was an adaptation of a novel that tell the live of Portgas D. Ace and Boichi (nickmane of Mujik Park) is doing this manga adaptation, he is the author of Dr. Stone and Sun Ken Rock, which are his most famous mangas, as soon as I saw his drawings of One Piece I wanted to replicate or at least see if I could draw some of his work and choose Jinbe, maybe I will be drawing some other of the One Piece character.

we´ll see.

"shichibukai" Jinbe.


First pencil draft of Jinbe the shichibukai.


Here you can see that I started to draw with ink.


Up to this point I had all the outline of the drawing done with ink, now it comes to add the details of the shadows and lights.


Here I started to add the black color for the shadows but as base, not fully detailed yet.


Finished drawing of jinbe the warlord of the sea. I hope you like it as much as I do.


Closer look to it to appreciate the details.


Reference image.

jimbe boichi.jpg

You can read the second chapter drawn by Boichi here