Portrait drawing of Monica, a neighbor friend - Original

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Today´s portrait is one girl I saw when I was looking out my window, this girl is a neighbor who usually takes her dog for a walk in the morning, her name is Monica and yes, she usually waers those those heart-shaped glasses very often although she does not usually go out because of the quarantine, she is a very nice girl although she looks tough, I made this drawing quickly while I was looking at it, the first draft I did very quickly because I knew she would not last long on the street, the rest of the drawing, like the shading and the hair was done with more calm.


Firts draft of this portrait, you can see how sketchy this is because of the time I had to draw her. I think she look the same.


Here I started drawing the shading and lighting reflecting on her face.


Here there are more details in her face and glasses.


Finished portrait of this beauty neighbor.



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