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Hello guys!!

Back again with me @grisaia-steem. The weekend has passed yesterday. Well, one day a week. It was the day I had been looking forward to in every day that had been exhausting me. On that day off, @sultan-aceh and I went to lhokseumawe beach. It's been a while since I took a walk around the beach in the morning. That's why I want to do it when I know that @sultan-aceh is going to the beach in the morning.

Didn't realize that the sea was high. Which caused some photo objects such as shells and snails to be blown away by the waves of the sea water that had reached our seats, trying to get away from the reach of the sea. But what can I do, the pants I was wearing were already wet when I walked along the beach looking for an interesting photo object in my opinion.

Even though the tide was sea water which made my jeans wet on my feet. I continued to explore the coast of lhokseumawe to find some objects that I will use as a reference for my post. Yes, hard work does not betray the results. Finally I found some objects that will be the subject of my post for the next few days.

After we relaxed on the beach, we soon resumed our journey towards the hills. Because we didn't want the vacation to just end like that. I plan to go back to looking for a photo object in the form of insects. But what can I do, because I look at my watch, it's already noon which means that there will be no more insects to be seen.

But I kept walking around near the papaya garden area from someone we knew in the hilly area. But what I found was only mushrooms of various types. Therefore for the future I will post about various types of mushrooms. What I will be participating in is the Supermacro week 5 contest organized by @sultan-aceh.








I hope you enjoy visiting my blog. and thank you for visiting my blog.

Best regards



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