1 STEEM and your upvote can make a difference, HOPE DAY (Weekly update)

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Hello friends, your friend @fucho80 to share the usual update of the HOPE DAY program. This is an initiative created with the purpose of helping with food to the children of the most vulnerable sectors in some communities of Venezuela.


I must tell you that we are very satisfied with the objectives achieved by the program, for the help that some of you give us and for the commitment of some to accompany us in this wonderful task.

To all who collaborate, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Weekly summary.

The weekly summary is basically the same as other weeks, since we established commitments with four priority communities, with which we are complying each week.

We manage the process for care in the different communities through a rotating system, providing care three days a week, one day in each different community, and one of the communities is out for a week.

Sorry if I couldn't explain the above well.

Regarding the contribution received weekly on this platform, I must say that we did not obtain much support in terms of the amount of resources, however, we are grateful for all those who vote weekly on the publications we make since the resources we obtain for the rewards are invested in food for children.

The money obtained this week comes from the rewards of the publication and Powerup of the account, this adds up to a total of 24.950 STEEM.



Testimony of the weekly delivery

Las Brisas, July 1/2020


Buenaventura, July 3/2020

107629186_1360464654149142_6498375760963296131_n (1).jpg106925564_317796225914447_5278761569325145094_n.jpg

Note: The other installment of the week was held in the Francisco de Miranda community, we have no images because the images taken in that community did not reach me in time for this publication.

Thanks and final call.

We are grateful to all those who have been supporting the program for the past few weeks, we also call on all those who read this publication to join this initiative, 1 STEEM or more, upvote and skype can make a difference and help To children in vulnerable situations in Venezuela, collaborate with us and be part of this program.

To collaborate with us you can send 1 STEEM or more from your wallet to the account @hope.venezuela and you will be contributing with children in need, you can also leave your upvote or make a post to this publication so that it is seen by more people on the platform .

Let's make a difference together!


Indeed a very noble cause hope this goes a long way.
resteemed it to make it go a bit further
good luck