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Hello everyone, today I would like to share a digital painting of Sharbat Gula from the famous photo 'Afghan Girl' that I used as reference. Below I will share the process with images and a timelapse video at the end.

afgan girl close.png

I begin with a quick sketch and fill in the basic tones of the piece. This is just about filling with colours and accuracy is not as important.

I then start adding more detail starting with the eyes and also add more tones to the piece. I use a color picker tool to pick similar colours that are next to each other when adding new tones. I also start to make sure that the proportions are as accurate as possible. It is very easy to get the wrong size, shape or angle of the eyes and rest of the face.

I add further detail to the eyes as they are the main focal point in this piece.

Final step involves adding further details such as freckles and smoothing the tones in the face using a slight blur tool.
afgan girl.png
This was completed over several hours using a wacom intuous graphics tablet on the software GIMP.

Below is a 2 minute timelapse of the whole process with music.

Thanks for checking out this post and for all of your support!


 4 months ago 

Hi friend, a great image, the eyes look amazing! Thanks for sharing.


Thank you :)

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 4 months ago 

Such amazing portrait Ian and of course that is the most amazing face, that is known all over the world. I love the eyes, how much in them reflected, feeling of being always alert and listening to the noises. Probably that is something that all the people there in such situation have. You have reflected that innocence so well. Really love this portrait!

Thanks Stef, I agree her face is very expressive especially in her eyes, I took extra care when drawing them than the rest of the face. :)