Angelina Jolie Water Color and Ink Portrait with Process Photos!

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Hello everyone, sharing with you all today a watercolor painting of Angelina Jolie and the process that went into creating it.

Materials used:

  • A4 paper
  • Pencil
  • Ink
  • Water
  • Brush
  • Watercolor
  • Pen

This particular portrait was quite tricky because she has quite distinct facial features compared to the average woman. Her jaw is wider than average which made it a little challenging in creating the right proportions.

I was initially aiming for an ink portrait however, thought it needed a little color to make it more interesting.

Image Source

Here are the steps below:

I start with a rough pencil sketch

Add all of the darkest tones

Using water I start to add mid-tones to the piece. I experiment with the ink going in random directions.

I then start adding color. I used red, orange and yellow as they are analogous on the color wheel. Red for the darker tones and yellow for the lighter ones. Towards the end I used a pen for the smallest details. There are some parts such as around the eyes & eye lashes that I could not change as the dark paint had already set.

Increased the saturation & contrast slightly of the image to create this finished result!

This piece took me a few hours to complete as I enjoyed experimenting with the different mediums and what could be possible.

Thanks for reading my post and all of your support! :)


wow.... So beautiful!!

@tipu curate

 7 months ago 


Hello @iansart

Amazing drawing, I love it! You're so right when you refer to her type of face, it's not the common woman's, but you look great in the painting. Thanks for sharing.

Very beautiful work with watercolor.

Thanks :)

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