Caught Mid Glance - Portrait Pencil Drawing Process

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Hi everyone, today I'm sharing a quick expressive pencil portrait drawing with some process shots.
I was drawn to the reference image like with my previous drawing from the expressive lines. They have a certain freshness and controlled carelessness. Although they look done quick they all still point in the same direction and are carefully thought through. I think an expressive portrait needs the combination of the two.
Although the drawing was done with a mechanical pencil for the sharpest lines a 6B pencil was then needed for the darkest tones to add some depth.

Below is my final drawing it does not look exactly like the reference image but it is unique in its own way.


Reference image

My Process...



IMG_20210221_125753230 1.jpg

Completed on A5 paper with mechanical pencil and 6B pencil.

Thanks for stopping by and your continued support is much appreciated! :)

 3 months ago 

That style that you used reminds me an old master's style, like Leonardo did. Absolutely perfect, especially eyes, nose and lips. That makes me want to try again pencil, I think I stopped doing that very long ago :)

Yes it seems to be common among them. Must be a quick way to capture the person and the tones before they do a larger study like a painting. Yes you should try drawing again many masters say its the foundation of good painting. :)

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